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Purple Whitening Toothpaste

Purple Whitening Toothpaste

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🌕Say goodbye to yellowing teeth

 It works to lighten teeth using color correction technology . By balancing the different shapes of your teeth, it hides stains and improves brightness


💜   Non-surgical lightening treatment 

Have you heard about purple serum? I bet you haven't tried it for your teeth

 Purple is the color directly opposite yellow on the color wheel, and is therefore its complementary color, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones.

 Color correction starts on the color wheel, where purple and yellow are complementary to each other. Applying purple to your teeth will neutralize and cancel out the yellow tones, revealing a brighter shade of white. Great isn't it?


We found the perfect shade of deep purple-violet that takes the yellow out of the way

 The formula of two water-soluble pigments eliminates any shade of yellow for a radiant smile , without leaving any residue behind.

When should you use the serum 🕑?

 Best used daily , it can be used as a post-whitening or pre-event treatment, to get rid of unwanted yellow tones on your teeth.

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